GBIM has the means to provide a quick solution for manufacturing and supplying assemblies and machines, both for individual or serial manufacturing and any scope of work, using the company’s three divisions. This intra-organizational structure enables us to offer an ideal and comprehensive one-stop-shop solution, in the best of the customer’s interests.

 Automation & Robotics

Development, manufacturing and integration of high speed mechanical assembly machines and dedicated manufacturing lines, complementary processing, assembly, conveying and robotics formations.


GBIM’s robotics and automation division provides consultation for manufacturing and product optimization (cost, quality, personnel), as well as consultation for product development using the “design for automation” method. GBIM provides a comprehensive solution tailored for the customer needs and for any purpose.


The robotics and automation division has ample experience in developing equipment for disposable item technologies for the medical, plastic, and electro-optic fields, assemblies with integrated electronics, manufacturing equipment for green energy, solar systems and quality control for product finishing.

 Assembly & Subcontracting

GBIM’s serial manufacturing division engages in assembly and subcontracting jobs for a range of companies in various industries, for executing series of facilities and machines. The division provides one-stop-shop solutions for serial manufacturing, according to existing customer designs or designing by GBIM.

Conducted processes include:

  • supply of parts, subassemblies, operation and control, electrical and pneumatic equipment


  • assembly of facilities and machinery including mechanics, electrical and electronic components


  • supply of instructional literature and onsite service and support

 Metalwork Division

The metalwork division provides solutions for processing of parts and assemblies. The company has a range of milling, turning and complementary processing machines, conventional, automatic and CNC operated, including multiple drive axes. Products are processed from a range of metallic and plastic raw materials at high precision levels, in the service of metal, electro-optic and mechanical industries. The manufacturing processes are conducted right from the initial stage of receiving the drawing, through creation of computer processing files and actual machining, all the way to the final supply of the product accompanied by a quality report and usability tag. The division is equipped with the world’s most advanced instrumentation and offers competitive prices.