Assembly & Subcontracting

The serial manufacturing division specializes in assembly and subcontracting jobs for a range of companies in various industries, delivering series of facilities and machines. The division provides one-stop-shop comprehensive solutions for serial manufacturing, based on customer or GBIMs own designs.

Processes include manufacturing of parts, machining, mechanical assembly with integrated electrical and electronic components and delivery to the end customer.

The serial manufacturing department serves as the customer’s operational arm and provides the following services:

  • Development and assembly of prototypes and first articles.
  • Purchasing of local and imported components.
  • Machining of parts including thermal treatment and coating.
  • Serial manufacturing according to customer’s drawing file or in cooperation with GBIM Automation and Robotics.
  • Outsourcing services for: mechanics, electro-optics, electro-mechanics and control.
  • Expertise and rich experience in the high tech and medical industries.