Automation & Robotics

The automation and robotics division specializes in the optimization and cost reduction of manufacturing, through improvement and streamlining of manufacturing capabilities, resulting in significant savings in resources (time, energy, personnel, etc.). The division develops products using the “design for automation” method and provides a comprehensive solution that is especially tailored to every customer’s needs.

GBIM has more than 40 years of experience in developing machinery and equipment for disposable item technologies for the medical, plastic, and electro-optic fields, assemblies with integrated electronics, manufacturing equipment for green energy, solar systems and quality control for product finishing.

The company is ISO 9001/2008 and ISO 13485 certified.


Specializations of the automation and robotics division:

  • Assembly automation – development, design and manufacturing of assembly lines, machinery and facilities.
  • Development, design and manufacturing of high speed mechanical assembly machines.
  • Industrial automation – design and manufacturing of conveyor systems that help combine various machines and manufacturing lines.
  • Industrial operation – robot or servo system-based transfer of products between workstations.
  • Robots for loading and unloading products onto and from manufacturing machines.
  • Support for customers in product development using the “design for automation” method.
  • Consultation for product optimization (cost, quality, personnel).
  • Manufacturing of automatic inspection and quality testing systems, including dimension control, leakage control and electrical testing.
  • Manufacturing and development of systems integrating mechanic, control, machine vision and remote control components.
  • Subcontracting development and assembly of electromechanical and electro-optic subsystems and instruments.
  • Development and manufacturing of medical assemblies and products.