Specializing in industrial automation & robotics that enhances production capabilities

About us

GBIM, a part of  ZAFRIR GROUP, specializes in industrial automation and robotics for improving and streamlining manufacturing capabilities and saving in resources (time, energy, personnel, etc.) – contributing directly to lower manufacturing costs and product improvement.

GBIM is the only Israeli company providing a comprehensive intra-organizational solution for all system components, including engineering of mechanical elements, control equipment, electrical accessories and software.

GBIM provides a one stop shop solution for the manufacturing and installation of mechanical, electrical and control systems, In addition to all other benefits, this assures the costumer that its commercial secrets will be safeguarded in the best possible manner.

GBIM has ample experience in integrating multidisciplinary technologies by choosing the right solutions out of the vast pool of knowledge based on 40 years of experience while implementing automation solutions for a variety of customers.

GBIM has the means to provide a rapid manufacturing solutions through its three divisions:

The automation and robotics division, engaging in development, manufacturing and integration of high speed mechanical assembly machines, complementary processing, assembly, conveying and robotics layouts.

The serial manufacturing division,  engaging in assemblies and subcontracting for a range of industries.

The metalwork division, equipped with advanced CNC centers, lathes, mills and ancillary equipment that serve both the company’s internal needs and many companies in Israel and overseas.

GBIM is the only Israeli company that exports high speed assembly machines to Europe, the USA and China. GBIM manages quantity standards and is certified under the international ISO 9001/2008 and ISO 13485 standards. 

GBIM specializes in the following fields:
Development and design of systems and of automatic high speed manufacturing lines with integrated robotics for assembly and testing of products. 

Supporting customers in adapting products for automatic assembly, in order to increase cost-effectiveness of manufacturing and assembly systems, using the “design for automation” method.

Manufacturing according to customer designs using the “build to print” method for individual machines or a series of machines.